Path to English Proficiency Abroad

IELTS, the English Language Proficiency Test, is essential for non-native students aiming to study or settle in English-speaking countries. Widely accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, IELTS has become a vital requirement.

Test Structure

For individuals already proficient in English and aspiring to achieve a top band score, an optimal duration for thorough preparation is approximately two months. This timeframe allows for a focused and intensive study period, optimizing the chances of attaining a high score.

  • Listening Section - Duration: 30 minutes
  • Academic Reading/General Training Reading Section - Duration: 60 minutes
  • Academic Writing/General Training Writing Section - Duration: 60 minutes
  • Speaking Section - Duration: 11-14 minutes

Enhance Your Skills


English Speaking

Enhance your chatting skills for better conversations.

Team Interactions

Foster communication, and flexibility for effective teamwork.

Interview Preparation

Build self-assurance to excel in interviews.

Personal Grooming

Present yourself confidently and professionally.

Embark on your journey to success with IELTS, and let us support you in achieving your dreams of studying and settling abroad.

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